By Scott B. Anderson

We are starting to hear encouraging words back from the elected and military leaders we’d contacted for help.

This morning, State Rep. Vinny deMacedo’s office confirmed he endorses our efforts and will work to help us. State Rep. Vinny deMacedo

Legislative aide Bethany Toye said deMacedo will also reach out to state Senate President Therese Murray and state Rep. Thomas J. Calter, whose district includes part of town. (We’ve also sent faxes and e-mails to those two officials).

Toye said one legislative option to help give more “official” hero status might be a formal resolution honoring the three Coast Guardsmen who died.

She also is exploring who actually controls the land upon which the current memorial sits — the state, town or federal government. “Once we figure that out, we could give it the amount of attention it needs,” e.g., implore the controlling entity to clean it up and maintain it moving forward.