From left: Cashman, Griswold, Stark

Coast Guardsmen William Cashman, Edward Stark and Frank Griswold died in a raging gale after rescuing passengers and crew from a passenger liner that ran aground off Manomet Point, Mass. on a nasty March day in 1928.

This site is meant to honor those three men who died, along with the brave civilians who set out from shore to try and rescue eight Coast Guardsmen who were tossed into the churning, deathly cold sea a quarter-mile from shore. The eight were returning in a surfboat after assisting the SS Robert E. Lee, which had gone aground on the treacherous Mary Ann Rocks about a mile off the Point, with 276 passengers and crew aboard, the night before.

Photo by Kathleen R. Anderson

Volunteers spruce up the memorial site on 4/17/10. Click on image for more clean-up photos

Inscription on front of memorial stone. (Click to enlarge image)

Inscription. (Click to enlarge image).

A few months after their sacrifice, the three heroic guardsmen were honored by local residents, who paid for a stone memorial on Manomet Point, overlooking the rocks upon which the Lee grounded.

The memorial still stands, but has seen better days. There there have been efforts to help spruce up the marker and the surrounding grounds. Two years ago, a crew of Coast Guardsmen led by Aaron Wallace undertook such an effort. Workers on a raw, drizzly Saturday morning raked and trimmed the grass, edged and added stone around the monument; power-washed the monument and its nearby fence; and added bronze Coast Guard medallions with flags.

Ultimately, we’d like to find a permanent solution to caring for (and perhaps even improving) the memorial, and to have Cashman, Stark and Griswold officially honored by the government and/or military as heroes.

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Video overview of the memorial and surrounding area


Boston Globe Front Page 3-11-1928

Top of Boston Globe Front Page 3-11-1928 (click for larger image)